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You can find technical descriptions and properties of all products on their product sheets, all of which are available right here in our e-shop. However, if you would like even greater detail, we can send you technical sheets for various products via email. Just call one of our business assistants.
You can download the safety data sheets right here in our e-shop after logging in. You can find a link to each product sheet in the e-shop. You can also find the safety data sheets in your order history.
We care a lot about adequate certification because our objective is to provide truly high-quality products. All of our ABS edges are ITC certified and conform with IKEA and ISO standards. Melamine and veneers have FSC certification. ABS UNI are certified for safety when in contact with skin. We can carry out further specific tests upon request.
We do everything we can to remove any limitations you may encounter. If it is technically feasible, you can simply order as much as you need. You can order ABS edges from the Hranipex collection without adhesive and including jumbo rolls / blocks from lengths of 1 metre (all UNI colours, wood decors, and design edges, as well as special decors such as end-grain, high gloss, or deep mat). We deliver adhesives and cleaning agents with each package. You can always find detailed information in our current catalogue.
Yes! Save material and money. You can place an order for any of the ABS edges in our collection from a minimum of 1 metre in length. We will uncoil only as much as you really need.
Veneer edges are a delicate natural materials that are easily damaged. Since we want to deliver products of the highest quality, we do not uncoil the veneers. You can thus order the entire coils.
Perfectly matching edges to boards is our passion. We can supply edges that match any décors produced by standard board producers. Just put the number of the board in the search tool on the main page. The right edge will appear and you can order it straight away.
Of course. It is always invaluable to have sampler to help you make your decision. You can order a sample of the whole Hranipex collection or a specially focused sample directly from our e-shop.
Our collection includes a series of ABS edges designed for worktops in the standard thicknesses of 1 and 2 mm. Just put the number of the board in the search tool on the main page. The right edge will appear and you can order it straight away.
Our sales team always includes at least one specialist in chemical agents. He/She will visit when it is most convenient for you and go through the entire edge banding process with you on your machine. We have optimised the edge banding process in many places. Thus, you will save money and avoid any frayed nerves. Just simply make an appointment.
It depends on the edge banding machine that you use. We recommend consulting our adhesive and cleaning agent specialist.
You can find the best cleaning agent for the given adhesive right in our e-shop. Just click on the description of the particular adhesive, which always includes recommendations of suitable cleaning agents. Or consult our expert in chemical agents.
Yes! We have ABS edges with a hot air layer under the AdvantEdge brand name. You can simply order them here in the e-shop. Click on 'I want to apply a functional layer' directly on the selected edge. We apply the layer in the colour of the décor so that you can achieve a completely seamless look. Your customers will be delighted.
Take your professionalism further. PUR joints resist water and high temperatures and, above all, look nicer. With the proper adjustments to the edge banding machine and the right adhesive is used, the gap is almost invisible.
It's possible in certain cases. We will always do our best to comply with your wishes and make sure that all parties are satisfied. Contact your sales representative.
Your pricelist will be provided on your request by our sales assistant or the sales representative anytime. Feel free to drop them an email or to call them.
We care about the environment as well as your money. You can therefore order all ABS edges in our collection starting from 1 metre. You only need to order as much as you require.


We will gladly welcome you and help satisfy your needs. We are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.
Our sales representatives will always gladly visit you. We treasure personal contact and like to deal with any problems you may encounter directly in your workshop. Check the Contacts tab and find the representative for your region.
Providing high-quality service to you, our customer, is the heart of our business. We always try to comply with your wishes. You can thus arrange an appointment with one of our sales representatives for a time that is most convenient for you, and they will personally go through everything you need. You can choose from our whole range of edges and associated services directly in our e-shop: - slitting from a jumbo coil or reel, - rewinding edges from a jumbo coil or reel, - production of atypical sizes or surfaces, - application of adhesive, - application of a functional layer, - application of hot air, - varnishing/lacquering. Just choose the edge you want in the e-shop and then click on the further services.
We charge fees for rewinding, which covers the costs of our warehouse workers, as you can see in this video. You can view the current price list by clicking here.
It depends on the dimensions; click here on the price list to see the exact amount.
All our branches have a warehouse packed with edges in the most commonly ordered dimensions. We update and supplement this offer according to customers' requirements. Therefore, we have added numerous dimensions that are frequently requested in the United Kingdom. In this way, we have heavily accelerated delivery times. If you still need an atypical dimension, we can saw it directly during production in the Czech Republic and send it to you immediately.


We try to be as fast as possible in order to eliminate unnecessary downtime. Orders from the Hranipex collection are delivered next day between 9am to 6pm.
We send notifications of the status of your order to keep you informed. Thus, you always know if your order is in production or transit and which forwarding company is bringing it to you, including the tracking number of your consignment. Just click on the link you receive and you'll know every step of the way.
You can find the current transit price list here.
We use the following companies to deliver our goods: DX and Clarkes Transport. We will let you know which company is taking care of your order in the notification you receive at the time of shipment.
There is an extra charge of 35 CZK to the amount of the order.
We always do everything in our power to have all the goods from the Hranipex collection in stock. If your order contains items not in stock, we will inform you immediately about the delivery date after the receipt of your order.
We try to deal with all orders as quickly as possible. We plan and optimise our stock several times a day according to the order we receive, so this is unlikely to happen. If, however, we've run out of something, you can decide whether you want your order delivered in parts or all together.
We will always do our best to comply with your wishes and make sure that all parties are satisfied. Contact your sales representative.
Safety and quality of transport is crucial to us. Therefore, we cooperate with forwarders holding the certifications necessary for the transport of ADR.
We pack our edges with the greatest thoroughness and care. Delicate edges are packed in protective film and put in separate paper boxes. Everything will arrive in perfect order.


In the event of a defect or other issues, we will be right there for you: your satisfaction comes first. Immediately contact your sales representative or assistant, who will guide you through the claims process.


Registration is helpful. It will give you an immediate overview of the prices available to you, a profile with your favourite items, your account history, and an overview of all orders, which you can easily repeat. At the same time, we will regularly update you on all our important news. Do not hesitate to log in!
No problem. You can download invoices from our website if you are logged in; you can find them in your profile directly in chronological order. In your history, you can find not only the orders and invoices, but also any potential credit notes. Moreover, you have a complete history regardless of whether you ordered through the e-shop or elsewhere.
Shopping with Hranipex is an advantage in itself. You have the assurance of quality, speed, and flawless service. And to make things even more attractive, from time to time we prepare special offers on various products and services. Follow our special offers on the main page.


Hranipex is growing, therefore we are often looking for new people to join our team. Check the 'Career' tab, which has the list of currently available positions. You are sure to find something. And if not, you can leave your contact information there in the event that we are looking for someone like you in the future.
In this case, Amy Hines our operations manager is here for you. You can contact her via email
We enjoy working here. We like being Hranipex. You can find out more about what it means in the Career tab.
Our hiring procedures are not much different from those you might find elsewhere. You can find out the details about job interviews at Hranipex in the specific advert in the Career tab.